What are the benefits of having a website in 2021?

Creating a Website for your business

As simple as it gets, it is not incorrect to say that the world is in our hands and the information is at our fingertips.

The internet world has evolved immensely over the past few years and the internet has taken over our lives.

People spend most of their days over the internet for several purposes. Let it be entertainment, shopping, socializing, or gathering and sharing information. 

Considering the fact that people spend so much time over the internet, businesses have made a very wise choice of moving online. It has become very crucial for a business to have an online presence as the manifestation of a website and social media. These both platforms can outstandingly increase the sales and reach of the brand or business. 

What are the advantages of building a website?

They make your business accessible and provide 24/7 customer service

Let’s talk about some of the most salient advantages of having a website.

The most important benefit of having a website would be more accessibility. If you have a website, you will be more accessible to people no matter what location or time it is.

Even during non-business hours, the customer can freely place the order without any hassle and inconvenience of waiting for an entire day.

Website is always workable and it provides the relevant information regarding the business and serves the customers well in the comfort of their homes.

Another major benefit is around-the-clock customer service. Customer support is the most crucial part of the business and it needs to be efficient and always available. Providing customer service online is very convenient and cost-efficient compared to hiring customer service personnel.

There are several ways through which a customer can resolve their issues for instance FAQs. Most of the websites have this very informative and useful medium where there is a whole page dedicated to FAQs considering the issues that the customers might face.

If a customer is facing any issue, they can simply go to the FAQs section and there is a high possibility that they will find an answer to their query.

In case they fail to find an answer they can simply resort to another medium which is the livechat box. Chat box on websites also does a very efficient job in providing a solution to the customers using template answers.

They can provide very useful information regarding different procedures of placing an order, signing up, and useful information regarding the product and services of the business.

If you have your website and customer service available around the clock for existing and new customers, it will boost sales and bookings since the website has allowed.

Add credibility to your business and gains customer’s trust

Having a website is a rudimentary tool that helps you protrude from other competitors.

It helps you add credibility to your business because it showcases your business as a professional and it helps you mark a strong impression to existing and potential clients.

Your website can attract new customers through google. A very much upgraded site can help your business rank well for an assortment of search terms and pull in a constant flow of new clients.

There are a few free SEO tools that make it simple to optimize your site with no earlier training.

Revenue is a very major benefit of owning a website, if there are no cross-border constraints then your revenue can reach up to the sky, you just have to optimize your website. 

They are very cost efficient

Another advantage of having a website is that it is inexpensive, it is a one-time investment if you outsource the apt team.

It is very cost-effective to create a website for your business compared to other marketing strategies, another major benefit is that you can tailor it to fit the business needs.

Owning a physical store can be very costly considering the rent of commercial space and several bills that come with it.

Apart from that other expenses like interior, employees, furniture and many other additional expenses just add to it. Simply with the help of CMS like Shopify, Drupal, or WooCommerce , it has become very easy to conveniently create a website. A physical store will only have visibility through a particular radius and city but when it comes to the website it has a higher reach than a physical store. 

They improve the SEO ranking, advertising and publicity

Now let’s talk about the most important thing which is marketing and growth opportunities.

To rightfully expand your business it is very crucial to design the right format of marketing and it is far easier to spread information regarding your business for it to reach more people through a website.

Your website will instantly pop up when people will search using a particular keyword on the search engine.

The two types of marketing that are both very crucial for your business are Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Besides these two techniques, you can also advertise your website with the help of the business’s social media account, you can display ads you can also target a particular audience with the help of different demographics like age, location, gender, etc. Just imagine your sales being just one click away with the help of a website, how beneficial will it be for your business? A website basically acts as a company resume or you can say portfolio.

The website can be a mirror of your services and credibility. You can mention your clients that you already have onboard and it can act as a reference for the potential clients or investors. It is basically a catalog of your achievements, services, and future plans for expanding the business. You can have it all in one website just one click away.

How to get a website?

Just imagine having all of these benefits of just one investment that you have to do in your business which is creating a website with the help of the most suitable web designers, ones who are an expert in creating a code of clients and can help you reach the most with help of different marketing tools and business expansion tactics.

Zrafted has an expert team dedicated to website development and we have catered the needs of many clients before. You can contact us and get your website running and expand your business with our help!


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