10 Creative Ways to Boost Engagement on Instagram

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Ways to increase your Instagram engagement rate

Are the number of Likes and comments on your Instagram posts enough? When engaging in marketing activities on Instagram, it is crucial to prioritize the creation of genuine organic engagement.

Sure, you may be creating awesome content. However, in the absence of any positive feedback or comments, there is a high probability that your account will be overlooked or disregarded. Following that, one encounters difficulties in acquiring clients using Instagram, resulting in an useless investment of resources.

Marketers and businesses are perpetually seeking methods to engage with their intended audience. Instagram presents significant opportunities for brand development, given its substantial user base of over 1.4 million monthly active users. However, in order to take full advantage of the capabilities of this platform, it is important to own more than simply an account and an audience.

This post provides precise instructions on how to significantly enhance your Instagram engagement rate. Let’s dive in. 

What is Instagram engagement?

Instagram engagement is a metric that quantifies the level of interaction individuals have with your content. It takes into account information like the number of your followers as well as interactions like likes, comments, saves, and shares. This indicator enables the assessment of the extent to which your material effectively connects with your target audience.

How to calculate your Instagram engagement rate?

In order to determine your Instagram engagement rate, it is necessary to examine the overall count of interactions with your post. These elements encompass Likes, comments, shares, Story replies, and saves. Afterwards, employ the following formula to calculate.

Engagement rate = (Total interactions divided by Impressions) multiplied by 100

What is a good engagement rate on Instagram?

Based on the most recent data from Instagram, it can be observed that posts generally exhibit an average engagement rate of 0.98%. Therefore, any value within this range should be considered secure. However, it is desirable to aim for an engagement rate that exceeds the average engagement rate of the platform.

How to increase engagement on Instagram?

Due to Instagram’s widespread popularity, proficient social media marketers prioritize Instagram engagement. This guide outlines strategies for enhancing Instagram engagement.

  1. Actually engage with your audience

We’re starting this list off easy. In order to enhance follower engagement, it is essential to actively engage with them. The nature of social media is not unidirectional. To cultivate a receptive audience, it is important to recognize and appreciate your following. Keep in mind that each comment you receive signifies that someone has taken the time to pause, analyze your post, and express their opinions. Following that, what is the reason for your lack of response?

It takes time to increase engagement, and you must strike up discussions on postings other than your own. Engaging with one’s audience can be achieved through various means, such as posing inquiries, addressing comments, and providing responses to Stories.

As an example, Canva boasts a staggering following of more than one million on Instagram. The brand manages a large volume of comments on its postings, making it impractical to respond to each individual comment. However, answering queries or bringing out a significant feature in a comment takes time.

  • Create and Share Relatable Memes

In simple terms, memes resonate deeply with every user.

They possess qualities of humor, ingenuity, and relatability, which are highly valued in the year 2024.

Regardless of your area or business, your audience will engage with your piece by liking, commenting, and sharing it, provided that you have the appropriate meme

  1. Share Instagram Reels


In the year 2024, Instagram Reels continue to run as a unidirectional means of engagement on the platform.

Why? Reels is conveniently located on the home feed navigation bar, allowing individuals who do not follow you to easily find them.

Increased viewership of your material leads to higher levels of engagement.

According to Christine Colling, the Social Media Manager of Later, the beginning of Reels on their Instagram account has resulted in a significant increase of 280% in engagement. 

  1. Create Shareable Graphics

Instagram is abundant with quotes, pictures, and repurposed Tweets, which are ideal for fostering engagement.

Instagram users have a strong inclination to share quotes on their stories, particularly if they are inspiring, humorous, or relatable.

An emerging practice involves transforming Tweets into Instagram feed posts, which is both captivating and widely embraced. 

  1. Share Valuable Information in Carousel Posts 

Carousel postings are highly valuable for generating engagement.

Why? Instagram carousels provide users with the ability to share a maximum of 10 images, videos, and textual graphics with their audience within a single post.

Carousel posts have the potential to significantly increase the likelihood of receiving likes, comments, and shares due to their frequent appearance in users’ feeds. Each slide presents an opportunity to enhance engagement, whether it relates to instructional content or the promotion of a social cause.

It’s a 10-in-1 kind of deal. 

  1. Include Call-to-actions In Your Captions

Incorporating a call-to-action (CTA) within one’s caption is a highly effective strategy for enhancing Instagram engagement, particularly when posing a question.

You have the option to seek guidance, suggestions, or determine the specific content preferences of your followers.

An additional strategy for enhancing engagement with call-to-actions (CTAs) is motivating followers to click on the hyperlink included within their Instagram bio.  

  1. Copy your top-performing posts

What works for you might not work for someone else. Please review the most successful postings from the previous months. Do your best performers share any commonalities?

One may observe that pictures characterized by vibrant and striking hues tend to garner a substantial number of Likes. Alternatively, individuals may be more interacting with Reels that feature soundtracks.

Utilize this Instagram dashboard to identify the most successful posts on your account. Next, identify shared characteristics among the postings and try to integrate a greater number of them in next occurrences.

  1. Promote across networks

It is well acknowledged that the target audience for a Facebook Page may differ from that of an Instagram account. It is likely that a portion of your Facebook followers are also active on Instagram, although they may not be aware of your presence on the platform. One should not hesitate to incorporate cross-network promotional postings as a means to stimulate an increase in followers.

  1.  Make the most of the Collab feature

Instagram just launched a feature that allows users to generate Collab posts in collaboration with fellow users. The occurrence of a Collab post in the Feeds of both followers presents an opportunity to enhance interaction levels. Maximize the use of this feature to engage in collaborative efforts with influencers, industry pioneers, and brand partners.

  1. Give sneak peeks and hints

Followers greatly like being informed about a secret. Providing exclusive previews and subtle indications of upcoming releases, even if they are publicly shared, creates an illusion of exclusivity among the audience. It captivates their curiosity and motivates them to revisit the profile in order to find out if there have been any announcements.

Start growing your Instagram engagement!

These strategies will provide a significant enhancement in user engagement on the Instagram platform. However, a singular spike in engagement metrics is insufficient. It is imperative to continually stick to these guidelines in order to sustain higher levels of engagement.

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