6 Best Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Support

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6 Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Support for Businesses

Outsourcing is getting popular day by day by businesses to cut their costs, enhance efficiency and focus on core business activities. 

Outsourcing the key tasks of your businesses such as customer support service and customer feedback section, may sound complex at start but it comes with lots of benefits for your company if you choose the right outsourcing company.

We at Zrafted Inc., offer customer support outsourcing service without any obligations. The subscription model comes with pay as you go model, only pay per hour. Get your work done, excel in your business and scale at unmatchable pace.

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The Importance of Outsourcing for Your Business

In the highly advanced technological world, outsourcing is growing rapidly.

E-commerce and online businesses have grown exponentially in the last years which has emerged a new demand for customer support agents.

A business without any customer support staff, after sales service or pre sales queries will end up loosing customers to its competitors.

The support should also be 24/7 because the customers should not be limited to 9-5 customer support only when they are dealing online.

They will come up with questions, queries, after sales services and other enquiries before or after buying a product or a service hence that should be answered in a timely manner.

Outsourcing vendors, such as Zrafted, has acknowledged these demands and emerged into a outsourcing company.

All our services are available 24/7 or according to your timezone. Our customer support services are evolved to fulfil your business requirements and needs without sacrificing on your customer support experience.

The customer support is not only limited to calls, it. can be email handling, social media management, inbound and outbound calls, text messages, WhatsApp messaging, facebook messenger or any form of communication that your business uses.

These services are fully monitored and managed by the team at Zrafted. Our expert team offers all types of services. We have become highly proficient in this industry and use latest technology to manage interactions for the maximum customer satisfaction.

Customer support outsourcing has to be adjusted and altered with respect to each business (a client). In 99% cases, the customer support is not something that can be generic. The agents will have to be trained about the business, common queries, product and services information before they can go live and start enhancing your customer experience.

Pros and Cons of Customer Support Outsourcing

The most valuable benefit of outsourcing customer support is its reduced cost. Other than this, you will have higher efficiency, more control, scalability options, lesser resources and better risk management.

Advantages of Outsourcing customer Support

  1. Highly flexible and scalable
  2. Multi lingual support available
  3. Easy to offer 24/7 support without any hassle
  4. Access to latest technology, industry news and experienced customer support agents.
  5. Reduced customer waiting times and more satisfied customers
  6. Multi channel support including chats, email, social media or other apps.

If you end up choosing the wrong company, you will get:

  • Poor quality of service
  • Poor communication from the vendor
  • Incomplete knowledge of your company to the vendor hence customer support is not as expected.

Hence you should only choose a professional customer support outsourcing company to get the best for your business.

A strategic outsourcing vendor is a must for you if you are operating any business in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Europe or any other country. We are ready to serve you.

After years of experience in the outsourcing industry, we have compiled a list of top 7 benefits of outsourcing your customer support tasks.

1. Cost-Effective Customer Support

One of the most important benefit is cost effectiveness and lesser liabilities. An outsourced customer support department will help you focus more on core business activities and let the experts handle your customer support.

You will not have to take care of any extra liabilities such as human resource, technical issues, infrastructure, insurances, pensions, rent and so on.

All of this is covered in lesser amounts if you are outsourcing. Only risk is that the outsourced vendor is capable of handling everything without any problem

You can always hire a customer support agent from abroad to help you get things done. We at Zrafted Inc. are based in Toronto, Canada but our clients trust us globally.

All the services are 100% transparent without any extra costs or commitments, just pay as you go. Our flexible payment plans, man hours and number of agents will help you excel like never before.

You can start working on the core business activities to enhance your profitability and revenue and let us handle the customer support for you.

2. Enhanced Efficiency

Another essential aspect in outsourcing is to improve overall efficiency of your business activities.

You will be free up from spending additional times on extra tasks, more time to spend on main business activities and look after things that will increase your revenue. You will experience your business has become much more streamlined after getting Zrafted onboard.

Another benefit is that you will have a lower business liability if customer support is outsourced. You no longer have to take care of an extra department which can work much more efficiently with outsourcing.

Instead you can work on new business opportunities.

3. You get Experts and Quality Assurance

If you are hiring a professional BPO company for your customer support, you will get the best Human resource on your company’s customer support.

There will be checks and balances, regular audits for quality assurance and a consistently maintained quality. The intense industry knowledge and technology will be applied to your processes to make sure the customers get a better experience with lowest waiting times.

Each interaction is recorded, stored and then reviewed for training and quality assurance purposes. This data can also help you alter your business processes to improve revenue.

4. Scalability of your Business

Do you want to have an extra strain on your finances? Do you want to hire, train, manage, monitor and has become a burden on your pockets to hire, train and retain customer support human resource.

Third party vendors gives you the ability to get the work done without having to take care of any of these tasks. You can also get the tasks done by professionals at much lower costs compared to what it would have cost you to hire and manage everything in-house.

A flexbile outsourcing company like us, lets you increase or decrease work load, man hours, number of agents anytime. The agile structure helps you meet your demands. A responsible vendor will be able to make sure you get non stop services even in any outages or unexpected weather conditions.

Other than this, your outsourced customer support team has access to latest technology, tools and training that you may not be aware of. This will be utilised on your business hence getting you a much better customer experience.

Outsourcing is beneficial for all types of businesses in the world, it helps your business gain the capability to complete the workload and deadlines in the corporate world without being a burden on the resources.

Hence your customers will be satisfied like never before, your revenue will be increasing and your profit will be beyond the sky.

5. Increases Customer Loyalty and Experience

A highly responsive, low waiting time and experienced customer support agent will help you achieve better customer experience. A better customer experience will increase loyal customers.

But you may struggle to do this if you are aiming for an in-house customer support team. You will be juggling in between tasks without getting the effective work done.

A professional BPO company will significantly increase your customer satisfaction rate. The right training and resource provided to the BPO company will help the agents understand your brand and company much better.

A successful partnership with customer support experts will help you achieve a higher level of loyalty from your customers.

6. Reporting and Tracking

Customer support providers tend to provide real time insights on mutually decided frequency.

You get access to real time analytics which will help you understand your brand better. You will be aware of what the customers want, what they are asking, if there are any ongoing issues or similar problems in your products. This can help you improve alot.

At Zrafted, we have regular meetings with our clients to help them understand insights and tracking data.

Choosing the right company for your customer support outsourcing

As our slogan states, professional digitalization, Zrafted is dedicated to provide exceptional customer services by choosing the right human resource, tools, communication channels and business processes.

We take pride in our diverse workforce. Our commitment to excellent operations and highly professional HR, we have a global presence. 

We are based in Toronto, Canada with clients from all over the world. Our company provides multiple services that will help your brand grow exponentially without having to put in additional efforts on tasks that our experts can handle. Other services such as digital marketingwebsite development and virtual assistants will prove to be a success for your business.

To learn how we can benefit your business, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are 5 benefits of outsourcing?
    Cost savings, increased efficiency, access to specialised resources, scalability and flexibility, focus on core competencies.
  • What is the main benefit of outsourcing?
    By outsourcing certain tasks or processes, businesses can often reduce expenses associated with hiring and training full-time employees, maintaining infrastructure, and managing overhead costs. Outsourcing allows companies to leverage external expertise and resources at a lower cost than maintaining in-house operations.
  • Is it better to outsource customer service?
    Whether it is better to outsource customer service depends on various factors, including the specific needs and circumstances of the business. Outsourcing customer service can offer several advantages, such as access to specialized skills and expertise, cost savings, scalability, and improved customer satisfaction. However, it is essential to carefully evaluate potential outsourcing partners, consider the impact on customer experience, and ensure that the outsourced customer service aligns with the company’s values and goals.
  • What are outsourcing support services?
    Outsourcing support services generally refer to delegating specific functions or tasks related to business operations or customer support to external service providers. These support services can include IT support, administrative tasks, human resources management, call center operations, logistics support, and more. The aim is to leverage the expertise and resources of external providers to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and focus on core business activities.
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