Top Website Development Trends in 2024

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Biggest Web Development Trends in 2024

Being a developer isn’t just about knowing how to write code. If only it was!!

Staying current with web development trends in your region is crucial for remaining at the forefront. Here is our overview of things to watch for in 2024.

Over the years, the internet has been increasingly integrated into our daily routines. We use it for many purposes, including online banking, reading the news, and getting food delivered to our homes rapidly. The epidemic has increased the demand for web development talent due to the shift towards online activities, expanding the possibilities for programmers.

This might be a useful method to learn about the newest trends in this field if you’re just starting out and have an understanding of what a web developer really does on a daily basis.

As the year comes to a close, we wonder what the upcoming year will bring. Will the internet continue to expand its presence in various aspects of our lives, flooding us with more confusing jargon? Here is our compilation of the leading web development trends that we believe will significantly impact the technological environment in the near future.

Artificial intelligence

Historically, artificial intelligence (AI) has consistently been a prominent topic in discussions about the future of technology. We believe it is justified. Significant progress has been achieved in the fields of AI and web development during the past year, unless you have been completely unaware of these advancements.

ChatGPT dominated the year 2023. The term “hallucinate” was chosen as the Word of the Year by Cambridge Dictionary for a cause unrelated to psychedelics.

Major tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Meta (previously Facebook) have started making their generative AI technologies available to the public.  (Continue reading if you want more digital transformation strategies for your business.)

With increased accessibility to essential AI development tools, developers are likely to explore novel applications of AI in the upcoming year. AI is already extensively integrated into data analytics, so expect further integration in other areas. One of the many AI programming tools that are gradually making their way into developers’ workflows is Copilot from GitHub.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Once considered the future, some now believe that the Internet of Things has reached its peak. Still, this trend of providing network connectivity to ordinarily non-internet-connected things so they may transmit and receive data is just getting underway.

Web developers might not have had a direct hand in making these gadgets; that would have been the responsibility of product designers, while UI designers relied more on voice user interfaces. Coders participate in creating programs that utilize, analyze, and present data from devices. Xively and BugLabs have begun developing APIs for developers to interact with IoT devices.

In 2024, developers are investigating methods for integrating IoT data into online platforms to enable real-time data visualizations, predictive analytics, and tailored experiences.

AI chatbots

Again, these may have existed in some form in prior years, but given the success of generative AI and LLMs last year, anticipate a significant increase in this field of work in 2024.

The accuracy and usefulness of chatbots have significantly improved, making them more complex and providing enterprises with greater prospects for their use.

Backend engineers have numerous options due to the need for sophisticated information retrieval, language processing, and machine learning systems. Machine learning and AI engineers are attractive AI positions to consider. Proficient web developers who are skilled in machine learning languages like Java, R, and Python will have several chances and engaging projects to work on.

This trend appears to have the potential for long-term sustainability. Businesses that use chatbots on their social media platforms not only save money by eliminating the need to hire customer service representatives, but they also expand their consumer base.

(Brush up your skills by reading more on Business Process Management)

Denser, richer graphics

In 2024, we expect more prevalent and more creative graphics. Websites will contain intricate designs, vibrant colors, various textures, and patterns to enhance user experiences. This strategy delivers a more immersive user experience rather than adhering to the clean, minimalist styles and graphics that have been popular over the previous ten years (think Corporate Memphis and startup minimalism à la Glossier).

Many of these changes are a result of very rapid advancements in technological fields over the past decade. Advancements in computing power enable the creation of increasingly intricate websites, granting designers and developers greater flexibility to showcase their creativity and business identity. Contemporary processors are increasing in speed and efficiency, enabling rapid loading of intricate visuals, so improving the user experience. Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) have made considerable advancements, allowing for the display of high-resolution images and complex animations without being restricted by hardware limits.

We are now in a new era of digital creation when design aesthetics are no longer constrained by technological limitations. Your imagination will be the sole constraint, not CPUs or web browsers.


Skeuomorphism in online design is replicating real-world objects in appearance, texture, and behavior to offer a recognizable and user-friendly interface. It assists customers with promptly comprehending how to engage with different parts, enhancing the user-friendliness of the interface.

The resurgence of skeuomorphism is more than just nostalgia; it is an emotional reaction to the excessive digitization of our daily lives. As most of our daily activities now take place online, users are more interested in designs that resemble the physical world before the digital era. Skeuomorphism is using recognizable non-digital features such as switches, buttons, and dials, making navigation menus and call-to-action buttons feel more smooth and intuitive.  

Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography involves animating text to attract attention and communicate messages dynamically. This approach enhances the significance of text by transforming it from a simple means of conveying information to a captivating visual component. Kinetic typography is set to transform the aesthetics of online design by making pages experiential rather than purely factual, thanks to the easy access to user-friendly design tools and a cultural trend towards more lively, dynamic content. In 2024, kinetic typography is expected to evolve into a more dynamic form, capable of responding to user inputs and seamlessly merging with other design components to provide a unified and engaging experience. It will be crucial in designs that focus on storytelling, particularly for landing sites and campaigns.

This trend is likely to last a long time because it promotes accessibility and inclusivity. Kinetic typography enhances the simplicity, readability, and comprehension of websites as they grow more global, contributing to a balanced online design. 

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Final thoughts

The realm of web development is no exception to the notion that nothing stays stagnant on the internet for too long. Information is constantly evolving, and our approaches to dealing with it will also constantly change. 

(Continue reading if you want to know the essential elements of every website?)

Keep in mind that web development trends are temporary, but a strong grasp of the basics will benefit you in the long run. Ensure you have thoroughly considered all aspects before adopting a trend or establishing a unique position for yourself.

So, if you’re interested in getting involved, what are you waiting for? To see how web development will look in 2024, try Zrafted’s web development services.

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